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How Does It Work

How to Sell-ShopClues
Upload Process-ShopClues
ShopClues is your one-stop destination as a seller portal, where you can sell products online. Expand your reach to millions of online customers and scale your business to greater heights with these simple steps.
1. Login to Store Manager and click on the Register section. Then type in your email id and phone number.
Then type in your email id and phone number
2. Type in the OTP which comes in your mobile phone.
Type in the OTP which comes in your mobile phone.
3. Create a password
Create a password
4. Come up with a catchy Store Name.
Come up with a catchy Store Name.
5. Enter Your Pin code
Enter Your Pin code
6. Mention Your GSTIN
Mention Your GSTIN
7. And You're Done!
And You're Done!
Merchant Cycle
Let's take you through a simple visual merchant cycle to understand selling with us easily.
 Merchant Cycle
Creating Your Catalogue
Catalogue Management is one of the key aspects in setting up an online store. It covers Product Names, Images, Quantity, Specifications, Price and Description. All these influence a consumer’s buying behaviour. For further information on how to effectively manage a catalog, you can read our blog here
Product Description & Image Checklist
To create your catalog, you must do the following:
  • Provide complete Product Name(s)
  • Mention the Key Product Attributes
  • Upload High Resolution Images with no text or artwork
  • Use clean/uncluttered background for images
  • Enter detailed Product Descriptions with relevant keywords
  • Avoid Keyword Spamming
Pricing Checklist
To price your products effectively, you can practice the following:
  • Compare prices on different channels
  • Add competitive prices to your products
  • Clearly mention if Cash On Delivery is available
To gain knowledge on how to manage an effective online store and then become a Top Rated Merchant, follow our Merchant Blog .
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