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Deodorants For Men & Women

Buy Men's Deodorants Online at


Summer season calls for some extra body care. Body spray, body mist, perfumes and deodorants are an essential in order to stay odourless. They not only keeps us fresh, but helps in avoiding bacteria and infections. Have you ever wondered what that smells when travelling in a public transport? Well, that is the effect of not applying a deodorant.

Even a good quality perfumes for men or perfumes for women help in creating first impression, when you have a meeting or some interview.

ShopClues Bazaar has a wide range of deodorants for men, deodorants for women, body mist, & perfumes in different brands like, Yardley, Lattafa, Enchanteur, Fa, Axe, Fogg, Engage, and more.

Following are some of the reasons of why deodorants are important:

  1. Fresh Feeling: Not only a shower but a good quality deodorants help in staying fresh and confident, especially, when going outside. Check out the best deo for men & best deo for women to make your day more special and refreshing.
  2. Avoids Generation Of Skin Allergies: Due to sweating our body accumulates bacteria, especially in summers, which can cause skin problems and ultimately it leads to itching and redness. When you use a body spray on a regular basis, there are a high percentage of chances to avoid these problems and reduce the risk of skin allergies.
  3. Prevents Bacteria Growth: Deodorants helps in preventing growth of bacteria as it has odour killing agents that makes you feel fresh and lively.

Uses of deodorants:

  1. For Nose: In summer, many of us experience sweating on the nose, due to which our sunglasses or spectacles keeps on slipping. To avoid that, there’s a hack, use a roll on deodorant on your nose and it will avoid endless slipping of your sunglasses and avoids rashes as well.
  2. For Stinky Feet: It is embarrassing when you go out for a formal or casual meeting and your feet stinks. But we got your back, before going to bed spray some body spray to the bottoms of your feet and voila! They smell fresh and like flowers the next day.
  3. For Closet: Bad smelling closet leads to bad smelling clothes and we definitely don’t want that. Leave your body spray open inside the closet and you’ll shock to see the change. You can use deodorants for men as well as deodorants for women. Try it out!
  4. For Sweaty Hands: Going for a meeting or casual outing and you have sweaty hands? Well, not anymore. Spray some body spray or use a roll on to avoid those embarrassing moments, especially during formal meetings where it is required to shake hands.
  5. Chaffing: It happens between thighs and armpits, which can cause itching and allergic reactions. Use a roll on deodorant to avoid that and smell great.
  6. For Razer Burns: Shaving your legs can cause itching and leads to rashes. To avoid that, use a deodorant and it will definitely soothe the area and you’ll definitely feel good.

Deodorants are an essential during summers. It keeps you fresh and odour less, at least for a day and avoids growth of bacteria. At ShopClues Bazaar, you’ll find best deo for men, best deo for women, perfumes for men, perfumes for women, body mist and body spray. Check out amazing combos at best prices.

A diverse range of brands to select from, like Ajmal, Lattafa, Axe, Wild Stone, Ramsons. The extensive price range of 501 - 1000, 251 - 500, Under 250, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000 is made to accommodate your budgets. The product line of more than 2,756 products that sums up all your requirements, needs, preferences and desires. The Top 5 list on ShopClues featuring Wildstone KamasutraDeodorant Spray Combo Set (pack of 2 Pcs)-150 ml each (Mix varriants), Killer Unisex Deodorant Perfume Spray 150ML Pack of 1, Wildstone KamasutraDeodorant Spray Combo Set (pack of 2 Pcs Set)-150 ml each-Assorted Deos, Rexona Underarm Odour Protection Unisex Deodorant Spray 150ml Set Of 1, Axe Gold Temptation Body Spray ( Combo Pack of 2 Pcs ) - 150 ml will make it easier for you to make your purchase decision.

List of Best Selling Deodorants For Men & Women price

Latest Deodorants For Men & Women Price
Lattafa PURE MUSK Perfumed Body Spray, 250ml ₹375
Gluta C Intensive Whitening Underarm and Skin Whitening Gel 20ml (Pack Of 1) ₹999
Yardley Deodorant Body Spray 150 ml (Set of 2) ₹339
AXE Deo (Provoke , Pulse) - 150 Ml ₹269
KS Kamasutra Deo Deodorants Body Spray For Men - combo of 2 ₹399
Adigo Man Xtreme Deodorant - Intense, 165 Ml ₹159
Lomani Do it ₹325
Armaf enchanted aqua ₹600
Indus Valley Lavender Natural Deodorant Stick ₹249


Data last updated on 26/05/2022

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